Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yahoo! My First Audiobook was just Released and it's on iTunes!

Yep, How to Avoid Having Sex is now an audiobook, available on iTunes and Amazon.  Allie Mars did an AMAZING job narrating it--you can listen to a sample HERE by visiting the link and clicking under the picture on Amazon!

    I have to say that I loved writing this book.  It was hilarious trying out different "theories about avoiding sex" on Cade.  Too bad he caught on and starting trying them on me too!  And now that he knows what I was up to, I can never use these wonderful ideas again--like fake sleeping, mock-anger, grieving over stupid things, etc.
    But even funnier than that, is the man who asked if this was first published over thirty years ago.  "No," I said. "Why?"
    "Because if it was, I think my wife read it and took it to heart."
     Another woman bought a copy at a signing and immediately hid it under her jacket as she looked around, making sure no one saw her purchase.  Is this novella like booze?  Should I sell it with a small paper bag?
     Anyway, I had a ball writing this book since the material is mostly silly, almost meant to be a joke.  But the irony is that all of these ideas can actually work.  

Have fun avoiding sex and otherwise.

P.S. Last night I gave my kids massages and facials because they cleaned the house. We used apples since we didn't have cucumbers. Anyway that baking soda mask really works. It's just two parts baking soda, one part water. :) I LOVE these pictures.  And I hope this will inspire my kids to clean the house more often!

P.P.S. Cade and I are giving away $50 for Mother's Day.  Feel free to take a second to enter HERE if you have time. 


  1. Congrats on the Audio book. I wonder if that will work on my kids, lol.

  2. It made me laugh to think of the lady hiding the book after she bought it! Congratulations, and the kids looked like they had a very relaxing time~

  3. Congrats on the audio book. And you're a wonderful mom.

  4. Congrats and let me know how it goes. hahaha how'd you ever get them to sit still long enough?

  5. Thanks, everyone :)

    It took a lot of bribery. (I told the Zombie Elf he could eat the apples on his eyes if he didn't move during the pictures LOL!)

  6. Your narrator was VERY good!! I can believe the kids cleaned the house, but I can't believe they stayed still long enough to take their pictures!!

  7. What a great idea for a reward for the kids. The book sound hilarious and a big CONGRATS ON THE AUDIO BOOK!

  8. I listened to the audio sample. It's hilarious! The book is even funnier out loud. It should be made into a TV series. The kids look a little ghoulish, but I still love them. And you. And Caaaaaaaaade.


  9. I love that the apple slices look like hearts on their eyes. :)

  10. The spa day with the kids looks like a blast. I could use a facial!

    The book sounds hilarious. I enjoyed the chapter I listened to and think this will fly off the shelves. :)

  11. How exciting. Great title, this sounds like such a fun 'read' (or should I say listen?)