Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Child Was Taken. What Should I Do?

I've never had to ask myself the terrible questions this title suggests.
But with 125,000 American and 20,000 Canadian children anticipated to be internationally abducted over the next decade, parents must realize that they are only 3 degrees of separation from having this impact their life.

Today I'd like to share info about Peter Thomas Senese & the I CARE Foundation.

In his capacity as a best-selling author, producer, child advocate, and founding director of the I CARE Foundation, Peter Thomas Senese has shared that in order to stop international parental child kidnapping, raising awareness and providing accurate information to others is critical.

In order to help other parents protect targeted children Mr. Senese has created the 'Chasing Parents' educational documentary film series that is shared here.

International parental child abduction is a serious issue that we all need to be aware of.  Please take the time to educate yourself.

Educational Documentary Series 
Produced and Narrated by Peter Thomas Senese

Part I - International Parental Child Abduction Overview by Peter Thomas Senese
Part II - Warning Signs Of International Parental Child Abduction by Peter Thomas Senese
Part III - International Parental Child Abduction In Progress by Peter Thomas Senese
Part IV - Reunification and International Parental Child Abduction by Peter Thomas Senese
Part V - International Parental Child Abduction Overview by Peter Thomas Senese
Part VI - New Laws, Policy Modification & Reforms Needed To Protect Children From International Parental Child Abduction by Peter Thomas Senese
Part VII - The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and International Parental Child Abduction and Human Trafficking by Peter Thomas Senese
Please visit the I CARE Foundation's website to learn more about the foundation's work.
Please check on the official website of Chasing The Cyclone or the official website of Peter Thomas Senese for more information.

Peter Thomas Senese is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Chasing The Cyclone that shares a story of a parent's dedication to his child.  Along with Mr. Senese's ongoing financial support to help targeted children of abduction, Peter Thomas Senese continues to donate 100% of his book proceeds to the I CARE Foundation.


  1. Dear Elisa, thank you for alerting us to this truly tragic occurrence. Peace.

  2. I bought this book for my Kindle in April (thereby making a donation to the I Care Foundation) & forgot to read it. I'm going to do that this week!

  3. Wow those are huge stats, but behind guns and drugs, people are the most smuggled thing. Sickos out there.

  4. I can't imagine anything more frightening than searching for one's child. Thanks for sharing this information.


  5. The thought of having a child abducted is totally terrifying. I always told our kids if anyone ever tried to pick them up you scream "YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER! OR FATHER! as loud as they could.

    Thank God they never had to do that.

  6. On behalf of the I CARE Foundation, I would llike to thank you for sharing such an important article about the growing issues of international parental child abduction. The reality is that hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting families are targeted for this crime, and when it occurs, very few children actually are returned home. Preventing IPCA is critical.

    Clearly, in order to combat international child abdution, it is vital that parents become informed of the risk factors and issues at hand. And there is no denying that wonderful parenting writers like yourself hold the key to this education and awareness. You are at the battlefront of this fight to protect innocent children.

    Again – thank you!

    Having known best-selling author Peter Thomas Senese for nearly two decades, and having worked side by side with him at the I CARE Foundation as the self-funded non-profit organization continues to help parents of abduction, Peter’s understanding of the issues of IPCA ore extraordinary. The videos you shared created by him will make a big difference for those in need.

    I was there when Peter’s child was abducted and was part of the team as he successfully navigated the Hague Convention. From that time, I knew that he would try to make a difference, and there is no question that he, through his dedication to the I CARE Foundation, has done that.

    In fact, this is a blog I shared about some of Peter Thomas Senese’s incredible giving:

    On behalf of the I CARE Foundation, we thank you for sharing this very important message.

    Joel Walter
    New York based attorney practicing primarily complex federal court cases and international family law. Board Member – the I CARE Foundation (

  7. If parents separate or divorce, they both would surely want their own child to be with them.
    Its Complicate.

    But, after all, its the child of both parents.

    The best action would be not to separate or divorce, yet hard to stop in this world...

    Abduction by any other else is another matter and is really unlawful..