Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Sewing Tip: Purse or Dress?

It's my mom's birthday today. It's tough discovering a gift for someone who has everything. I thought about it forever and finally decided to make a purse, but not just any purse.

I started by making a dress fashioned in a unique pattern I created several years ago. Here is a picture of the type of dress I made yesterday. I love smocking bodices; it really brings the style together. I also enjoy finding decorative trims.


After finishing the dress, I added the handles, sewed a lining (complete with buttoned pockets,) and gathered the bottom by sewing a circular piece of pink fabric to the lower ruffle.

I gave my mom the purse tonight and she absolutely loved it. I'm sooo happy! It's funny too because all of my nieces loved it as well.

I just thought this was a fun idea to pass along.

Here's the finished product:



  1. Super cute, E. Next we need to do my laptop bag, so I can carry it with me everywhere, lol. We can do it together so I show off my wonderfully awesome sewing skills.