Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More details about my daughter's surgery.

The doctor asked for me to try keeping Indy calm until the surgery Thursday. No crying. No jumping, etc. I guess her ovary is what was mainly coming through the hernia (that's what's been bothering her when she says her stomach hurts).
Anyway, everyone (even her three siblings) have been treating her like a princess--especially after finding out about the incision and 2-3 week recovery. 
But...maybe she's enjoying it too much? This morning at breakfast she said, "Things just keep getting nicer and nicer." Then--under her breath--"Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear, Indy! Everyone loves you!" Ummm...her birthday isn't until February.
 photo 33B1D114-0354-42FA-B9B6-20B4EE0BAC6F_zpsp4kwavyf.jpg
 photo ED4B0C9F-06C4-4D73-A163-1F2403320A4D_zpsth5fyvix.jpg
 photo CA02DDA5-A3B6-4592-8320-3F680558FA87_zpswzdm96hn.jpg


  1. Her birthday may not be soon, but everyone DOES love Indy!!

  2. Glad that everyone is able to pitch in--brave daughter you have. Still praying for you all.

  3. These photos are adorable.