Friday, February 7, 2014

My Heart is in Heaven

I suck at poetry--really.  So, be kind :)

Rocking, swaying, 
on a rickety porch swing...
There's no one to comfort me, 
or anything...

Crying, sobbing, 
as I open the door...
Asking God, 
"What's this happening for?"

Trudging, slowly, 
up old wooden stairs,
Wanting to take back, 
all those love affairs...

But as I enter a room, 
with all its mildew and must...
I see my old trunk, 
covered in dust.

So I take out the key,
and I open the lid.
I'd hid something inside,
when I was a kid.

Buried under blankets
and toys that fell apart...
is something quite shocking;
it's a beating heart.

So I pull it from the trunk,
and I cradle it near.
I walk to an open window
as the heart fills with fear.

I sing to the wind,
calling its name.
Hoping that something,
will take away the pain.

A dove appears
on the window sill.
Studies my eyes,
then remains still.

So I hold out my heart.
The dove takes it for me.
Flying up to Heaven,
farther than eyes can see.

So I smile through tears.
Knowing it'll be okay.
God has my heart, 'til I'm ready...
to give it away.