Friday, February 7, 2014

My Heart is in Heaven

I suck at poetry--really.  So, be kind :)

Rocking, swaying, 
on a rickety porch swing...
There's no one to comfort me, 
or anything...

Crying, sobbing, 
as I open the door...
Asking God, 
"What's this happening for?"

Trudging, slowly, 
up old wooden stairs,
Wanting to take back, 
all those love affairs...

But as I enter a room, 
with all its mildew and must...
I see my old trunk, 
covered in dust.

So I take out the key,
and I open the lid.
I'd hid something inside,
when I was a kid.

Buried under blankets
and toys that fell apart...
is something quite shocking;
it's a beating heart.

So I pull it from the trunk,
and I cradle it near.
I walk to an open window
as the heart fills with fear.

I sing to the wind,
calling its name.
Hoping that something,
will take away the pain.

A dove appears
on the window sill.
Studies my eyes,
then remains still.

So I hold out my heart.
The dove takes it for me.
Flying up to Heaven,
farther than eyes can see.

So I smile through tears.
Knowing it'll be okay.
God has my heart, 'til I'm ready...
to give it away.


  1. I'd say you're pretty good at poetry! And that heart of yours is going to be just fine.

  2. I wonder if 'Scarlett' would have written it that way Miss?...