Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Going to be a Security Guard!

So, remember how I wrote about the bonsai tree on Monday? Read about that HERE. Well, on Tuesday, I posted this picture & text on my Facebook account:

After getting ready for an interview to be a security guard...admit it, I look more like a could-be victim than someone who would effectively protect lives and prevent crimes. THIS is freakin' hilarious!
At least I'm laughing about life now.
Well, I went to the interview--it was the sixth (or seventh--who the hell is counting anyway!) interview I've had in the past two weeks.  And the whole time I kept thinking, there has to be SOME sort of sign when I find the perfect job.  Right then, I looked over and guess what I flippin' saw?!
Yep, a bonsai tree!
So I discretely took this picture--because let's face it, I'm a badass!
And guess who actually got the job!!!

You're reading a blog FROM A NEWLY HIRED SECURITY GUARD.  
I start next week and I can hardly wait!  Wish me luck.

(Maybe I will survive this divorce after all!)