Monday, December 7, 2020

Cancer is Worse Than That Duck

 There’s a TV in the radiation waiting room. You can watch some pretty great things, depending on the time you get there. First thing in the morning is the news, then Charmed (of all things), yuppie sitcoms, and then (later in the day) the cooking channel.

I sat during another round of the cooking channel and wondered how many times they’ll feature duck or goose! About 10 other people waited in the room with me, and everybody seemed somber.

I’m not quite sure why, but a seed of excitement sprung up inside of me, and I suddenly decided to make a difference. We were all in there for radiation, obviously miserable. We’re not even allowed to have our cellphones in there. (And not to be a tattletale brat, but I saw a young girl with a cellphone in there today. Craziness!) 

Anyway, it didn’t seem like a good day. So, maybe I could change that for the people in the waiting room.

We all listened to the TV. “This is the worst duck I’ve ever tasted,” the woman said. “In fact, I can’t think of anything worse than this duck.”

“Try cancer,” I said out of no where. “Cancer is waaaay worse than that duck.”

Everyone in the waiting  room looked at me, and I could tell some of them smiled through their masks.

“And this sauce, few things are worse than this sauce....”

A man next to me burst out laughing and said, “But cancer, cancer is worse than that sauce.”

And I don’t know why but it became the most hilarious moment. And as the cooking show continued, everyone laughed and laughed. It was as if the whole thing had been orchestrated perfectly for the most hilarious comedy session—right there in the radiation waiting room.

Finally a nurse came and called my name. 

“Oh no! You no take her,” a lady said with a gorgeous accent. “She’s the light of the party.”

I smiled so broadly and turned to everyone before I left. “Best of everything—to all of you.” 

And I thanked God for a rare moment that was so beautiful, a moment where we could enjoy each other and our time despite sickness or differences...or anything really. 

That moment was a true gift.

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