Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fishing with ‪‎Jeremy Wade

    Well...I'd like to go fishing with ‪‎Jeremy Wade‬ (ya know, ‪‎from River Monsters‬ ). It would be unforgettable--like when I went sky diving, hooked my husband, or realized channel cats were finally likin' my lures. Some people might not understand this, but fishing has grounded my life. After my divorce when my ex had my kids, fishing took my mind off of things. I'd sit by the water for hours, never knowing what surprise I might hook. 
    As the months dragged on, and the divorce really sunk in, my kids and I somehow started watching River Monsters each weekend on Netflix. We got so into it that we began fishing together, everywhere we could find around our hometown: ponds, lakes, you name it. We learned how to hook trout, bluegill, large mouth, and all the catfish we could find. Other fishermen--usually men--would laugh about a single mom who'd bring her kids fishing. Didn't they know fishing is my therapy? And by teaching my kids how to fish, they've learned a whole lot about life as well. 
    Anyway, back to my point.... my kids and I started fishing together because of Jeremy Wade's enthuism. Sure my kids wouldn't swim in a pool for weeks after watching an episode with piranha, but that's beside the point. And now since I've remarried, my husband has even been fishing a lot too. 

     NOW there's a contest: submit the best pic to win a fishing trip (for two) with JW. This would be a dream come true--see, I even posted about ‪‎Mr. Wade‬ on FB last year. Here: So, to make a long story even l.o.n.g.e.r., I'm gonna submit a pic; I just haven't figured out which one yet.
    Here are some of the "blopper" shots we took. Mike, our oldest daughter, and I had way too much fun taking these pics.

 photo GEDC0400_zpstjxalfkn.jpg 
I'm so lucky I didn't lose this smaller pic in the water. 
 photo GEDC0402_zpsqao9qr5a.jpg
After almost falling in a hole. 
As little Jeremy just floats along like nothing's wrong.

 photo GEDC0413_zpsuvoe2trk.jpg 
Mike is such a good sport to help me with all of this.
 photo GEDC0439_zpslbrd8sp8.jpg
He thought of some pretty hilarious pic ideas, too!
    As you can bet, people at the pond kept looking at us like we were nuts. We didn't catch any fish that day, BUT we made another hilarious memory. 

In closing....
    Is there anyone you've wanted to meet? I asked my mom and she said, "Elvis." 
    Side Note: Elvis has nothing on a biologist who can fish!

-A Hopeful Fisherwoman-person--who still has a TON to learn about fishin' (Elisa)

P.S. If you'd like to submit a pic of your own, here's the link to the contest:…/riv…/reeljeremy-photo-contest/

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