Friday, May 30, 2014

Holding the world in your hands? Caption this!

I'm posting a funny picture each day for a year--check my future 
and previous posts for more. 

But can you help me caption this?! 

 photo ball_zps650c4d07.jpg


It's not the size that matters. But this one better be worth it.

Who Knew the Magic 8 Ball Came in Designer Colors & Sizes Suitable for Even that Godzilla on Your Gift List?

Dear Elisa, how about using the old mythology story of Atlas and the novel by Ann Rand, "Atlas Shrugged." Combining the two ideas, I'd title the photograph: "Atlas Frowns." Peace

"Godzilla dropped this lucky sphere. He's on his way down. Please, help me hide this. Hurry, Godzilla is at floor 54!"

It was so much easier when i carried the weight of the world on my back. Heavy load.

I like big balls and I cannot lie.....

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